Teacher Handbook

Calling Extra Teacher Handbook

With the release of Calling Extra, we will be proving a FREE PDF Calling Extra Teacher Handbook. The PDF will provide resources that will encourage and enable Teachers to use Calling Extra in their classrooms to promote a love for history, social sciences and creative writing. Below is a list of what it will include:

  • History/Social Studies: An overview of the real historical events and how it relates in the novel:
    • Child Labor Movement
    • Child Labor Strikes
    • Women Rights Movement
    • Immigration, Poverty and Slums of New York at the turn of the 20th Century
    • Journalism in late 19th Century
  • Creative Writing Exercises inspired by the characters and events of the novel
  • Numerous resources such as:
    • A comprehensive list of non-fiction reference books that support the historical facts listed in the novel
    • Real newspaper articles from the Newsboy Strike
    • Biographical stories written by newsboys during the turn of the 20th Century
    • Glossary of newsboy slang
    • Image gallery of the places and people depicted in the novel