Timeline of the Newsboy’s Strike

In Calling Extra, Elise’s personal story, as well as her adventures with Grin, are interwoven into the real timeline of the strike. Below are a list of dates and events from the strike that we have gathered together from the newspaper articles of that time.

  • July 18th: Long Island City Newsboys feel they are being cheated and riot
  • July 19th: Manhattan Newsboys gather in City Hall Park to meet about the possibility of a strike
  • July 20th: Manhattan Newsboys officially strike
  • July 21st: Striking newsboys attack delivery wagons and scabs
  • July 22nd: Boys are arrested for disturbances throughout the day. There’s a demonstration outside The World office and a four boys actually meet with Hearst
  • July 23rd: Various arrested newsboys are arranged, strike committee makes plans for their mass meeting, and there are no fights or disturbances since its a Sunday (no Evening papers sold on Sundays)
  • July 24th: Violent attacks during the day, Mass Meeting of Newsboys at New Irving Hall at night
  • July 25th: Newsboys lay low with fewer fights due to the night before’s meeting
  • July 26th: Newsboys meet in a salon in Park Row to talk about allegations of Dave and Kid Blink turning on the union. Later that day, Dave Simmonds demotes himself as president.
  • July 27th: Boys “parade” but it is broken up by Police because they have no permit. The boys discover Kid Blink in a fancy suit and attack. Police arrest Kid Blink thinking he is part of the attack and not the victim.
  • July 30th: Union elects new officers and president,  a grown-up – James G Neill. Three boys are arrested for blackmail.
  • July 31st: The boys arrested for blackmail are arraigned.  Kid Blink aids the police. West Side Newsdealers Association declares the strike “a failure”
  • August 2: Hearst and Pulitzer put forth resolution of 100% returns right to keep the price at six cents a ten, which is then accepted by newsboys. The strike is over, the newsboys consider it a success.